Gidon Ariel: Independent Spokesman for Israel Affairs

Gidon Ariel, from Maale Hever, a Jewish suburb of Hebron, moved there from Maale Adumim, Israel in 2012. There, he was the Mayor’s Advisor for International Affairs. Gidon is the chair of Root Source, the Christian-Israel Common Interest Network. He founded and directs (with his wife Devra) the Holy City Prayer Society (, an organization dedicated to promoting the value of prayer among Jews and Christians worldwide.

Gidon serves in the IDF reserves as a Captain in the Military Spokesperson’s Office after spending over 20 years in the Armored (Tank) Corps.

In Israeli politics, Gidon is a delegate to the Likud Party Central Committee (the Merkaz) and ran for the Maale Adumim city council. He also was the coordinator of anti-Disengagement activity in Maale Adumim. Today, he is a member of the community council in Maale Hever.

Gidon Ariel made Aliya from Queens, NY in 1978, and is married to Devra, who was born in Kansas City, MO. They are the happy parents of Elisheva, Akiva, Shira Rina, Chayim Zvi, and Moriyah.

Gidon Ariel is available to speak on Israel political and security issues, Jewish-Christian relations, and any other topics of interest.; 054-5665037 (from the USA: 516-321-1846).

Gidon is uniquely qualified to present issues of interest to your group. Some of these topics, but by no means all of them, are listed below. please contact me if what you are interested in hearing is not listed here.

An Orthodox Jew and Evangelical Christians – Face To Face: During this discussion, I tell my own life story, having made Aliyah (immigration to Israel) at age 14 (without my parents), serving in the IDF and studying in a Yeshiva, and pursuing encounters and relationships with pro-Israel Evangelical Christians. This fascinating hour plus(!) quickly develops into a question and answer period about issues of faith when we discover that the ideas about which we agree to disagree are far outnumbered by those we share.

Current Events – Timeless Prophecies: God’s bible refers to the whole world, but Israel is by far the country that is dealt with most by the Prophets, and this modern State is no less than a realization of God’s plan word for word. During this session, we will study the sources from the Old Testament Prophets and Jewish oral traditions, and map them to today’s headlines. An introduction to the fascinating Bible Codes is provided as well.

All About Israel, Straight From The Settler’s Mouth: Israel gets a lopsided focus by mainstream media, usually not unbiased and hardly ever supportive. If your group is pro-Israel, this hour will give you tools to defend her; if your group is “even-handed,” you will face challenges from a different perspective.

The Overlapping of Christianity and Judaism – Past, Present, and Future: The largest Monotheistic religion meets the first one – and discovers how much they have in common with each other.

We will explore texts from the old Testament echoed in the New one, learn about the lifestyle of Jesus the Rabbi, list the shared interests of Jews and Christians today, and compare traditions relating to the World To Come. We will also clarify where Judaism and Christianity differ, thereby respectfully agreeing to disagree.

Radical Islam and Its Implications: While most adherents of the Muslim religion are peaceful and do not support terror, it is impossible to deny that most terror today has its roots in Radical Islam.
Except for forays into certain blogs and websites, middle Americans are safe from Islamic terror’s long arm… Or are they?
As a resident of the West Bank, a survivor of a terror attack, and an officer in the IDF, I present a perspective that you don’t hear every day, and challenge you to come to terms with a world that since 9/11 will never be the same.

The History and Power of Prayer at the Temple Mount (A Survey of Traditional Jewish Sources): This interactive class gives participants an opportunity to grapple directly with these two topics that are so important in both Jewish and Christian traditions. During the session, descriptions and definitions of new terms and concepts are taught, and the dynamic usually develops into a question and answer period about issues of faith. This program is especially recommended the night before a visit to the Mount is planned.

A briefing on the Temple Mount: Few guides are able to describe the Temple Mount from a religious point of view, fewer still are the Orthodox Jews who are willing and able to do so for Christians on this holiest of sites. As a veteran “oleh” to Har Habayit, I can present our modern day pilgrims with a guided walk combining archaeological and historical facts and stories with current events and future prophecies.

Maale Adumim: Maale Adumim is a place mentioned in the Bible before her nearby bigger sister Jerusalem (Joshua 18), a strategic modern location, a bustling city, and a “flower in the desert” – all in one.
As the English Language Spokesman for Maale Adumim, I clarify to participants the history, importance, and everyday life of this town, with a stunning view from the roof of the Municipality building, a short bus tour of scenic points, and a breathtaking opportunity to pray for Jerusalem and Maale Adumim overlooking the Holy City and the in-the-news E1 neighborood adjacent to the Mount of Olives. This visit can run from 10 to 90 minutes.